Monday, August 11, 2008

Trouble at the Headquarters

Few sports figures in the world make Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump's better half even flinch. But over the course of the last three weeks, the Mrs. has developed a hatred for one sports figure: Brett Farve.

While watching the world wide leader's coverage of the Farve mess, the Mrs. lost it, going on a rant about everyone favorite Southern Miss graduate.

"What an ego manic," she said then going on about how anyone could think of themselves as a fan of a player rather then a team.

"What are the colors of team Farve," she went on to say.

At the end of the rant, the Mrs. wish Farve nothing but the best at his new home, "I hope he gets hurt," she said, adding that constant reports on the Farve saga had effected her sleep over the last couple of weeks.

After two weeks of nothing but Brett Farve news on ESPN, the coverage had finally had a victim, my better half. After calming her down I told her that Ronaldo was going to return to United for the upcoming season and all she could say was: "At least it's not Farve."

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