Thursday, August 14, 2008

EPL Predictions Time

The season starts Saturday while the champions taking the field on Sunday. Here is Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump Super EPL Preview.
In order of predicted finished:
1. Manchester United: The Devils will be the first team to hold on to the trophy for three years in a row.
2. Liverpool: The Scousers close the gap but will have to wait another year to get the league championship.
3. Chelski: New coach, that has never coached in European league, smells of a little of trouble to me, I know he won a world cup.
4. Arsenal: The kids are going to be OK, Vela and Denilson lead this bunch of kids.
5. Aston Villa: Martin O'Neil gets the closet that he will ever get to the top four.
6. Tottenham Hotspurs: Going to win a trophy, but not the league and maybe even be the UEFA cup over AC Milan.
7. Portsmouth: Harry's large and short strike force might be one of the best in the league.
8. Manchester City: Does anyone else think that this situation could turn ugly.
9. Everton: Its been a slow off season for Liverpools other club.
10. Newcastle United: The Keegan can not get new players but they have to be better then last year.
11. Sunderland: Roy Keane continues to improve the club.
12. Blackburn: The Governor will have his challenges in year one.
13. Middlesbrough: This team interest me a little. They made a couple of good signing and a full year of Alves.
14. West Ham United: Is it time that Curbs goes and they bring in the Croatian Special One.
15. Fulham: Last year they had the great escape, this year there season will lack that kind of drama.
16. Wigan: Sometimes I wish that they would just get relegated but this year there are by far worst teams.
17. West Brom: The only promoted club to survive the drop.
18. Bolton: The Ginger Prince can not avoid the drop just time, but United fans will always love him for drawing Chelski on the final day last year.
19. Stoke: They will be back where they belong next year.
20. Hull City: Could even be worst then Derby County.

Best signing: Giovani Dos Santos, Spurs
Breakout Player not named Ryan Babel: Nicklas Bendtner, Arsenal
First Manager sacked: Curbs at West Ham.
Special prediction: This years champion will have the lowest point total ever.

Tommorrow: Everyones favorite American Scouser Endy in the Outfield makes his predictions.

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