Sunday, August 10, 2008

Only Time Will Tell Preseason Top 25

The season is almost here and boy I can not wait. Usually I leave the ranking of the top teams in Europe to my friend over at World Club Rankings, but since it a new season I figured I would give it a shot.

Here is the Only Time Will Tell preseason European Top 25.
1. Manchester United: With Ronald back my team tries to repeat what it did last year.
2. Inter Milan: Now how does this sound The Special One (to the right) vs. Sir Alex in the Champions League Final in Rome.
3. Bayern Munich: Was not involved in the Champions League last year, but will return this with intentions of lifting Mr. Big Ears.
4. Real Madrid: Won the Spanish title for the second straight year, must do better in the Champions League.
5. Chelsea: The best second place team in the world.
6. AC Milan: Can a team that did not make the Champions League be one of the best teams in Europe. With the addition of Flamini and Ronaldihno they will be a force to be reckon with.
7. Liverpool: Keane is a scousers delight, but must find a way to better in the league.
8. Villarreal: The little Yellow Submarine that could, Marco Sena and the crew will give anyone a hard time in the Europe.
9. Arsenal: Every time you turn around Wenger is signing a kid and they all turn out well and this gang is no different.
10. Roma: Totti and DeRossi, might be the most exciting team in Italy, Only Time Will Tell favorite Italian team.
11. Lyon: They rule France but always find a way to blow it in the Champions League.
12. Barcelona: Last year was a disaster for the Blue and Red, but moves for Dani Alves and other should make it a better year at the Nou Camp.
13. Juventus: Last year the Old Lady did not play in Europe, this year they are ready.
14. Atletico Madrid: One of the most exciting teams in Spain, one problem they do not defend, this is Only Time Will Tell's Favorite Spanish team.
15. Schalke 04: Maybe this will be the year the Royal Blues win the league title.
16. Fenerbache: Last year they made a run deep in the Champions League this year they may go deeper.
17. Porto: The Special Ones former club is ready roll again in Portugal.
18. Fiorentina: Mutu and the gang return to the big ears cup.
19. Werder Bremen: Diego might be the best player in the world that no one knows about.
20. Zenit St. Petersburgh: Last years UEFA Cup champs, now they get to show there skills on the big stage.
21. Marseille: If there is going to be a team that catches Lyon in France it's going to be OL.
22. PSV: The Dutch League has fallen hard times but the tenant at the Phillips are the best of the bunch.
23. Celtic: Going for another SPL title and going to make every ones life in the Champions League hell.
24. Tottenham Hotspurs: The Magic Juande has made a huge impact at White Hart Lane.
25. Sporting Lisbon: The former home of Nani and Ronaldo look to catch Porto for the domestic title.

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