Sunday, October 28, 2007

Professional Tailgating: Singing in the Rain Edition

So it poured for 20 straight hours, Rutgers lost by four touchdowns, and they wore all black uniforms, but besides that Saturday was not a total loss for the Only Time Will Tell tailgating crew. Some of us even met our long lost soul mates.

Thanks to JP Losman's Potential and his tent the day was not a disaster.

JP Losman's Potential shows the perfect New Jersey breakfast.

Its lonely working in the rain when everyone else is drinking.
Endy in the Outfield shows off his dance move in the rain.

Endy in the Outfield and Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump do their best Underwood and Britt impressions minus the dropped passes in big spots.

The enemy has arrived and they brought beer.

Our new friends give their view on how to pullout of Iraq.

JP Losman Potential has found one of his long lost brothers.

Does any one else think that JP Losman's Potential family is really in West Virginia?

Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump get some hunting tips from a new friend.

It was such a big game that even part of the midget population showed up.

After the game Rutgers fans wanted to destroy anything with a West Virginia logo on it.

1 comment:

Beat Visitor said...

Did you see that SI's Tailgate Report Card for Rutgers was out yesterday?

And that midget was on my bus back to the RAC! Good thing for him he didn't start talking any trash about my Knights and their ugly uniforms.