Thursday, October 25, 2007

And you thought Jerry Jones was bad

So the Martin Jol (above) era at Tottenham Hotspurs ended with another loss this time the in the group stages of the UEFA Cup, but all of the blame should not be pointed at the Dutchman. Most of the blame should be pointed at the egomaniac chairman Daniel Levy (right).

Just like Jerry Jones and Al Davis in the NFL, Levy thought that he knew what was best for the team on the field. Every time that Jol turned around Levy was flying somewhere to meet with a manager to replace Jol. First it was Sevilla manager Juande Ramos, then it was former Spurs great Jurgen Klinsman. Besides running off to see different managers, Levy has also spent the first part of the season going on and on about how they have to make the UEFA Champions League. Both Spurs and Levy have to watch it cause Leeds United put all of their eggs in the Champions League basket and we all know what happened to Leeds.

After the announcement of Jol leaving, Spurs fans sent e-mails and text messages to Sky Sports saying that Jol was not the problem and Levy and the board were the problem. During the Premier league era Jol lead Spurs to their highest finish ever in the league.

For years Spurs was looked at like a club that spent a lot of money on older players and under achieved. But under the direction of the Tony Soprano look- a-like Spurs bought younger players like Gareth Bale and Tom Huddleston and played some of the best soccer in the EPL. But now that will all change because an egomaniac thinks that he knows more about what happens on the field then the coach.

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