Monday, October 08, 2007

Professional Tailgating: The last two weeks have been hard

The Only Time Will Tell Tailgating Crew was back at its home base at the RAC for the Rutgers vs. Cincy game on Saturday. Sure Rutgers dropped it second straight heart breaker, but that did not stop us from enjoying beers and open flames.

For the first two hours of tailgating the Rutgers maintenance were the stars of the show.
I guess Rutgers fans have not warmed up to this tailgating idea (six hours before game time).Little did tailgaters know there was a famous University of Miami defense back at the game and it was not the person in the red shirt, JP Losman's Potential. JP Losman's Potential now wants to start to act like the Captain.
An hour and a half before the game and no one wants to show up.

Another fine tailgating session completed.

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