Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's that Time of Year Again

Dick Vitale has been sleeping for the last couple of months getting is vocal chords ready for tomorrow night, Midnight Madness the official start of the college basketball season. So before long Joe Lunardi will be running around talking about bubble teams, Jay Bilas will be breaking down the high pick and roll, and Digger Phelps (pictured) will be trying to pick out highlghter that match all of his great looking ties.

Here are my Top Five teams as the practice gets started.

  1. North Carolina: Only the Heals can have a lottery pick and still be the top team in a America.
  2. Memphis: Here is the deal, enough is a enough for Coach Cal. Every year we hear all about how good they are and every year they crash out in late March. So this has to be the year.
  3. Louisville: Pitino has all of the tools to have the best team in the Big East and when the coach gets to March few are better.
  4. UCLA: I hate UCLA, they bore me to death, but they should be one of the best teams in the West.
  5. Kansas: Talent: check. Great home court: Check. Coaching: no check. Last year, North Carolina and Kansas had the best talent in American, but in the end they lost. I'ts now or never time for Coach Self.

So everyone sit back and get ready, the real games are only a couple of weeks away.

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