Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Elway might scare the Browns

Two decades ago, John Elway made the lives of Cleveland Browns fans hell, but Browns fans should still be worried, cause another Elway might be coming for them. John's son Jack is a junior at Cherry Creek and has already started to get some major college offers. The Junior has already gotten scholarship offers from LSU and Oregon and heavy attention from USC, Cal, and Stanford, his dad's old school.

“Dad always wanted me to do what I wanted to do,” Jack Elway said. “If it’s football, then that’s great. If it’s something else, then that’s great also. I really didn’t watch much college football growing up. I have to blaze my own path and do what’s right for me,” according to a MSNBC story.

So by the year 2012 Browns should be very scare when a team with an Elway comes rolling into town.

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