Monday, October 22, 2007

$3.5 Million per win not bad work if you can get it

College football colleges might be the most overpaid employees around, but some are really not pulling their weight when it comes to earning their money. This year there are approximately 55 coaches that are making more then a million dollars a year.
Here are some coaches that are not making a return on their salary:
  • Charlie Weis, Notre Dame: So far this season one win at a salary of $3.5 million a year, that is a good return on a private schools investment.
  • Bill Callahan, Nebraska (pictured above with Wannstedt): Wow this situation has gotten out of hand already. First lost to USC, then get beaten to death by Missouri, Oklahoma State, and Texas A&M. At $1.75 million and having your AD fired that is not a good combination.
  • Dave Wannstedt, Pittsburgh: He might be the worst coach in the coaching. Over the years he has made millions doing a job that he is terrible at. He had two coaching jobs in the NFL and then another in college. At this point I would not trust him to coach my sons pop Warner team. By the way he is also making $1.5 million for being this bad.
  • Guy Morris, Baylor: I would have never guessed that he made $1.1 million. I can not remember the last time that they were even in a bowl game

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