Friday, August 31, 2007

Tailgating Professionally at Rutgers: Week One

So Rutgers first game was not the greatest in the world, but at least the tailgating was well worth the hour and a half trip.
Everyone in New Jersey loves a good traffic jam

The perfect tailgating supplies

The straws that stirs the drink was even there for the big game
When did fans start running out and buying kickers jerseys

Every great tailgating spot must have the perfect restroom facilities

I thought that I would never see a ticket scalper at a Rutgers game, let alone a game against Buffalo, but this an actually scalper.

Did you know that Rutgers, now has the same policy as the U, no weapons

Despite a terrible games, fans packed Rutgers Stadium

All year long, Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump and Endy in the Outfield will be chronicling the Rutgers Tailgating experience.

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