Monday, December 04, 2006

Mr. Fancy Pants

For years, no matter what the weather was NFL officials have always worn white and black stripped shirts and white pants, but this year its all different, they now get to wear ski pants during the colder game. Around the league on Sunday, officials were sporting the newest look in cold weather gear, black pants with a white racing strip. New York, Green Bay, Denver all of the officials had them.
To quote, the former WWE wrestler the Hurricane: "What’s up with that."
Today in the NFL you cannot even touch the quarterback or hit someone with your helmet. Now you, have the refs going soft. Part of being a ref is being out in the cold, but now as the season continues to go deeper into the winter months we have to protect our officials from the cold. I really have no idea why they are wearing these new pants, if they were going to get ski pants they should have just gotten white ones and no one would have know. Right now NFL officials are falling behind in the ref’s race; take a look across the pond. In England, officials still wear shorts even during the cold winter months. I hate to say this but Graham Poll is tougher then any officials the NFL has.

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