Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Charlie gets a new friend

On Saturday the Charlie Ward will get a new friend. A new person will become a Heisman trophy winner. A look at the winners of the trophy over the last decade and a half and you find such great names as Gino Toretta, Jason White and Rashaan Salaam. All of who are out of professional football. But on Saturday, some one will get their hands on the stiff armed trophy and be known as a Heisman Trophy winner. Here is a look at my top five.

  1. Troy Smith, QB, Ohio State: He is a lock. Beat then number two Texas on the road, then later in the year beat then number two Michigan. Smith has thrown for 30 touchdowns and only 5 ints.
  2. Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas: McFadden single made the Razorbacks a New Years Day bowl team. McFadden has lined up all over the football field running back, receiver, and even quarterback in the ''Wildcat'' formation. McFadden has run for 1,558 yards, completed six out of eight passes three went for touchdowns and caught 11 passes for 149 yards. McFadden has scored 18 touchdowns this year.
  3. Colt Brennan, QB, Hawaii: People are going to say that he has not played anyone or he plays in the run and shoot, that is just not fair. Throwing for 53 touchdowns and completing 72.1 percent of your passes. I do not care if you are playing NCAA Football 07, those are great numbers.
  4. Mike Hart, RB, Michigan: All year long he has been the heart and sole of the Wolverines offense. Played well in the all of the big games this year including Ohio State, where he had 142 yards n 23 carries and three touchdowns.
  5. Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame: I know people are going to say his numbers are better then Smith's, but most of his stats came against lower BCS conference school. Only game against a good team that Quinn played well against was USC and some will say he put his numbers up when the game was out of hand.

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