Monday, November 06, 2006

The French can't fight

So they did not want to be part of the Iraq war effort, but leave it French Arsenal manger Arsene Wenger to show that French fighting spirit. Wenger was involved in a touchline bust up with West Ham United manager Alan Pardew, after West Ham scored a later winner on Sunday.
Ok so he has an eye for talent, but he will never be confused with Mike Tyson. Wenger is brilliant, he along with Sir Alex, where two of the guiding lights behind what the EPL is today. But he has been involved his fair share of troubles over the years. One of the most famous incidents came with Sir Alex's Manchester United squad when he called Ruud van Nistelrooy a cheat after a highly charged game at the Old Trafford. No one wants to remember you for being a grumpy old man.
But Arsene please calm it down, watching you try to throw down in a puffy coat might be funny, but it does nothing for your street cred.
Watching this unfold made me think of mangers and coaches around the sporting world that I would love to see throw down.
1. Coach K and Roy Williams: Now that would be great, Coach K could call on Grant Hill and his useful ankle to do a run in, while Roy could just beat them both.
2. Lou Holtz and Jimmy Johnson: Wow that would be classic, Jimmy hair vs. Lou's glasses.
3. Ol' Ball Coach vs. Anyone at the University of Tennessee: Hey you can not spell butt kicking without UT.

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