Thursday, November 09, 2006

Forest Gump Loves English Soccer

Last week, the Shrimpers stood on top of the English footballing world. In the League Cup, this week Southend defeated Manchester United to advance to the quarterfinals of the League Cup, but that is not the point.
In this country we ask question about nicknames including: What the heck is a hokie; Is auburn a war eagle or a tiger; Who the hell would name themselves the zips; and who the hell is going to fear ducks.
But in English football it’s 20 times worst. Just looking at the list of nicknames from teams that are in the England, you find a bunch crazy names that make the zips seems normal.
Southend is not the only club to love the sea life. Blackpool is known as the Seasiders, Brighton & Hove Albion is known as the seagulls. Morecambe is just know as the shrimps.

Here is just a list of the club of the crazy names:

  • Queens Park Ranger: The Super Hoops: what was regular hoops taken.
  • Barnsley FC, The Tykes: You never want to have a nickname, which could be changed into something that you do not want.
  • Everton, The Toffees: In its history it says that it was named after a local shop that sold mints. I swear I wish I could make this stuff up.
  • Bristol Rovers, Gas: This one I have no clue about. In their history it says the club used to be located next to a gasworks. It would have been better to call them fart.
  • Wycombe Wanderers, The Chairboys: What another club was known for being lazy.
They are nuts on the other side of the pond. The funny thing about the English soccer clubs is that they usually have two nicknames. For example Blackpool is know as the Seasiders and The Tangerines. Its bad enough to have one bad nickname but to have two take a lot of trying.

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