Friday, November 17, 2006

At least we are not in Kansas

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been uproar over the amount of money that Rutgers head football coach Greg Schiano has made. But at least, state taxpayers and university staff have seen the benefits of paying the coach. Look around the college football landscape there are million dollar coaches all over and some of them might be some of the worst coaches in the country. This week USA Today did a special report on the cost of keeping a top quality coach at major university. According to the report there are approximately 41 coaches that make over a million dollars a year, and guess what Schiano is not one of them.
At the University of Kansas head football coach Mark Mangino makes $1.5 million a year to coach the football team. If you add the over million dollars a year that Bill Self makes to coach the basketball team, it appears that Kansas has the market corned on million dollar coaches that can not coach.
Michigan State is no better. For four years John L. Smith has lead the program into a state of disrepair. For all of work, including a melt down against the fighting Irish, Smith was scheduled to make $1.5 million a year
at $911,000 year Schiano appears to be on the best bargains is down. Look at the some of the great coaches that make more then him: Tommy West, Al Groh, Chuck Amato, Dirk Koetter, Glen Mason, Sylvester Croom, Ron Zook, and Joe Tiller.
See its not as bad as you think, if I was a tax payer in Kansas I think that I would try to impeach the governor for wasting taxpayers money on those two.

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