Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Please Stay off the field

Ok I get it; you beat a top ten team. But that top ten team was Rutgers. Despite being on the board the bandwagon, they are still one of the worst programs in the college football over the last decade. That does not give you the right to rush the field if you are Cincy.
And Bearcat fans were not the worst perpetrators in there own state, earlier in the day, in the Game of the Year, fans of #1The Ohio State University rushed the field after topping #2 Michigan. Please this is The Ohio State University, winner of national championships, winner of Big Ten titles, and has had a number of Heisman Trophy winners play for them.
Over the last couple of years, there is an epidemic sweeping the nation, students and fans seem to rushing the fields and courts for no reason. Football is not only sport that has this problem over the last couple of years. A couple of years ago, North Carolina fans rushed the floor after being Duke. This all has to stop.
Here are a couple of rules that fans should follow before rushing out on the field/court:

  • If you are a top program, like a North Carolina in Basketball or an Ohio State in football, you have no right to rush the field. As a fan of a top program you forfeit the right to rush the field.

  • If you are a lower program you can only rush if you beat a team that is ranked in the top 10. So if you are a major conference school and beat a 21st ranked team no court rushing for you.

  • Use common sense.

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