Monday, November 13, 2006

Lou Holtz & Lee Corso are the Anti-Christ

Ok I get it, you all at one point used to work a major university with big time college football programs and do not want to make anyone mad there. But this is getting out of hand. On Saturday on the ESPN family of networks, two of their biggest college football analysts sounded like homers.

First during College Gameday, Lee Corso showed what type of homer he could be. Fresh off the greatest victory in the history of the Rutgers, Corso decided to smash Rutgers and say that they were not worthy of being part of the title game picture. Fellow Gamedayers Chris and Kirk, who called the game on Thursday night, told the old man that he was making a mistake. Lets rewind a week, after the 'ville defeated West Virginia; Corso said that they should be part of the title game picture, what makes this so different. One reason Corso was the head coach at 'ville and even called in on during the 'ville vs. West Virginia game. At least we know that Lee Corso sports a merkin and its really lush.

Then that brings me to good ole coke bottle glasses Lou Holtz. At the end of College Gameday Final, people give their list of top one-loss teams. Of course Holtz, does what only Holtz can do, be a homer. He puts Notre Dame and Arkansas at the top of the list. Two former schools that he has coached. I would have bet he would have tried to make South Carolina one of them too, if he only could.

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