Thursday, September 19, 2013

Schiano to Texas, it doesn't sound that far fetched

There are two dumpster fire currently raging in football: one at the University of Texas and the other one former Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano has gotten him self into in Tampa. Could both be the answer to each other programs.

Texas is a mess right now. Mack Brown has seemed to lost control of the program and the defense can't stop anyone. While in Tampa Bay it's much of the same for Schiano. Professional players think Schiano style is too over the top and too restrictive.

Could Schiano be the answer to Texas problem, while he doesn't have any connection to the state, he could be a huge winner there. Schiano built Rutgers into a national program and Texas could be an easier job for him. He would be the perfect fit, the only thing that he would have to do is hire an offensive or defensive coordinator like Clemson OC Chad Morris to help navigate the complicated Texas High School scene. 

We all know that Texas is going to make a run at Muschamp and Saban, but if they don't come calling, Texas could do a lot worst then Schiano.

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