Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rutgers could care less about the American Athletic Conference

Lets just say Rutgers wants nothing to do with the American Athletic Conference. Its not like they have a relationship with it. Rutgers just wants to see the league, made up like Conference USA, in its rear view mirror as quick as possible. 

Next year the Rutgers Nation will embark into its journey into the Big Ten and that is not lost on anyone . All the fan base talks about is next year and the future games against big time opponents like Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska and Penn State. 

While the fan base is talking about it, the school is selling it. On Saturday, while I was walking around the one of the stadium shops I was able to purchase a Rutgers Football hat complete with Big Ten logo on the side of it. Yes It has a the Big Ten logo on the side. 

There is nothing like selling a future league, while you are in still in a league. By doing this Rutgers has show that this year and the American Atheltic Conference means nothing. 

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