Sunday, April 18, 2010

We are still the Kings of Manchester and Will Always Be

In April, soccer fans around the world thought that Manchester United had lost their grip on the City of the Manchester. Fast forward a couple of months and that could be father from the truth. City are not in the same class as United. Sure they have spent a ton on players like Tevez and others. But spending money does not lead to you taking control of a city.

United have old war horses like Giggs, Scholes and Neville. The trio, who all played a huge roll in United 1-0 win over City yesterday, would go to war for the red shirt. They are breed United and will die United. This is something that City miss, people who will go to the war for the shirt. The only people that are breed City and will die City are Ireland and Richards and neither at this time can make it into the squad.

So when City fans start to say that they are the new kings of the Premier League, just remember they are not even the kings of the their own city and their record against the so-called old king was 1-3 this year.

Lets go through how they lost all of those games. In the first game of the season at Old Trafford had it all, but when Craig Bellamy equalised for the third time in the closing minutes City looked to have clinched a draw. Michael Owen had other ideas however, bursting through to score a 96th minute winner that had Sir Alex dancing around in delight yet again. Rooney then knocked City out of the Carling Cup. City were winning 2-1 after the first leg of this Carling Cup semi-final, and even though United went 2-0 up in the return Carlos Tevez scored to set up a grandstand finish. United were determined to prevent City reaching their first domestic final since 1981 however, and Wayne Rooney headed a stoppage time winner. And then add Paul Scholes stoppage time winner to the list. Oh it all sounds so good.

So for now City you are still sitting at the kiddie table, so keep trying and enjoy.

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