Thursday, April 22, 2010

68 is nicer then 96

I can almost live with this. So the NCAA is expanding its field from 64 to 68 as part of their new TV contract with CBS and Turner Sports, which was approved earlier this week.

For one I could not be happier, three more opening round games is not that bad compared to what could have happened with 96 team field. The good thing about the increase is that it does not reward teams that have underachieved. If a 96 team tournament would have been around this year teams like North Carolina would have made the tournament for no other reason to fill out the numbers. For the last couple of weeks media people and fans from all over have been screaming about the NCAA changing the best thing that they had. For once maybe they did listen and for that college basketball fans Thank you.

I would have to say that 68 teams is a lot nicer then 96 teams.

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