Monday, January 18, 2010

Spalding Hoophall Classic Notebook

This weekend the nations best high school basketball gathered in Springfield for the Spalding Hoophall Classic. Here is some thoughts on the showcase event:

• Why do I think that Northland High School (Ohio) is the best team in the US.
• Seen Northland's Jordan Potts a couple of times and for a sophomore he is not bad, for a kid.
• With sophomores Potts and Jalen Robinson, who is committed to West Virginia, this Nortland team has some staying power despite losses of Sullinger and Weatherspoon.
• Oak Hill Academy head coach Steve Smith is better dressed then most college coaches.
• One thing that is clear with Oak Hill this year is that they lack that player that takes over in crunch time. Like a Brandon Jennings.
• Northland has now wins over Findley Prep and Oak Hill Academy this year. Find me a team ever with two likes that.
• Despite being only 14 years old Simone's Jabari Parker is the complete package. Inside and outside. Played well in their game against Newman-Goretti from Philly.
• Fell bad for Kendall Marshall. His Bishop O'Connell team is just over matched against St. Bens.
• I think St. Benedicts is better then half of the teams in college basketball. They are one of the longest high school teams that I have ever seen.
• Love Marshall he looks like a point guard that is going to have a good stay at UNC.
• Rutgers is getting a steal in Gil Biruta of the Gray Bees. My only question is if Fred Hill will be there to coach him.
• Its funny seeing Kevin Boyle Jr playing for St. Pats. I remember him sitting on the bench as a kid when St. Pats played Camden in the an epic TOC semifinals at FDU a bunch of years ago. Camden had DeJuan Wagner and it was a classic game.
• Findlay Prep's Corey Joseph would look perfect in a Villanova jersey. Perfect for Jay Wright guard offense.
• The first half of the St. Pats and Findlay Prep game has been better then most college game that I have seen.
• Findlay Nick Johnson and Joseph might be the best high school back court that I have ever seen.
• St. Pats Michael Gilchrist (pictured above) has been banged up all day but has continued to play hard, showed a ton of heart during the game.
• Findlay vs. St. Pats simply amazing a great game better then most college games I have seen.


Anonymous said...

Nice fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

jason heyward said...

I heard Michael Gilchrist was injured recently and expected to miss a few weeks. Is there any update on his status?

Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump said...

Jason, Gilchrist did have a knee injury earlier and the season but returned a game before the Hoophall Classic. During the game against Findlay he injuried his ankle early in the first half but played through the pain the rest of the game. He should so really good skills and toughness.I dont think that he is scheduld to miss alot of time because of the injury. Thanks for reading and the support.