Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Rise of a Child

""And a child should lead them," that is the famous line. At Rutgers that is the case as, fresh off his first career start, true freshman Tom Savage has become an icon at the school. From people going nuts in the stadium when he entered the game against Cincy to his performance against Howard. Now fans are even going nuts on Facebook over the freshman from Philly.

Rutgers students have created The Savage Nation (The official Tom Savage Facebook Fanclub). All the description says is that "we are all witnesses.'' We are all witnesses to one of the greatest stories in Rutgers football. So far the group has approximately 80 members and will surely grown in the coming weeks.

I know that more groups are going to pop up, but the Savage Nation is the first and should be honored as such. As a season ticket holder, OTWT is endorsing Savage Nation as the only group to join.

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