Monday, July 27, 2009

Soccer Preseaon Notebook #1

Every where you turn there are preseason soccer games on the TV. From the Peace Cup to the World Football Challenge to the Emirates Cup there have been a tons of games to sample. Here are some OTWT thought about different this games.

• Chelski Zhirkov looks like he might be the best signing in the EPL.
• Diego and Melo might be the pieces that Juve might need to win Serie A.
• The one thing that still bothers me about Real Madrid is that they still need a creative mid-fielder.
• Its weird seeing Ronnie in the all white of Real Madrid. He will always be a United player in my eyes.
• One thing that has been good to see in the World Football Challenge is how good Club America are. Shows how good the Mexican League is.
• There was no one at the Peace Cup in Spain a real shame, cause it has quality teams.
• Is there a better name in soccer then Porto's Hulk.
• AC Milan stinks, its that simple. If it continues they might be in the Europa League in 2010/2011.

Other preseason notebooks coming in the coming weeks.

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