Friday, July 31, 2009

The Nick Johnson Era is Over, Thank God

Wow for one day I'm proud to be a Nationals fan. Why you ask, cause they did the right thing in trading often injured first baseman Nick Johnson to the Marlins for left handed prospect Aaron Thompson.

I know its not a big deal to most but to me it means something. Johnson was never going to be part of the teams long range plans, so why not move him and get a player that might help you down the road.

Thompson is the 13th ranked player in the deep fish system. The left-handed pitcher out of Houston features a fast ball that touches the low 90s, according to Baseball America.

Ok it does not sound like he is a top of the line starter, but to get a guy that can filled out the back end of the rotation is a good thing for a player that was part of future plans.

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