Sunday, June 07, 2009

Pure Class

OTWT never touches on tennis but today is a different day. This morning I sat in the home office and watch Roger Federer complete the career grand slam. For the last five year the French Open has caused Federer all kinds of heart break but today was different. During every stoppage the crowd was chanting his name, they knew that they were going to see history and they wanted to will him to do it.

After dispatching his foe Federer fell to the grown and started to cry. For man who has won so much, it looked like the weight of the world had been taken off his shoulder. Before the tournament began Federer had won 13 grand slam title, now he is on 14 equaling Peter Sampras. I know its only one title but to Federer it means that he can now be considered one of the greatest all around players.

I said this earlier and I will say it again, Federer is pure class. After winning, to show his respect, Federer gave part of his speech in French. It was a small thing but it shows the type of person he is.

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