Wednesday, June 10, 2009

OTWT Scouting Department Draft Views

For the last year, Nationals fans have been billed yesterday as the day that turned around the franchise. On Tuesday all Nats fans rejoiced as they selected San Diego State righthander Steven Strasburgh, hopefully this will be the moment the franchise turns around.

Here are some other views on the draft:
  • MLB Network coverage is not bad, it was pretty good for their first, but there is so much room for improvement. The room makes it looks really cheap, but you have to remember the first time that ESPN did the NFL Draft it was in hotel ball room and look what that has turned into.
  • Enjoyed the fact that MLB Network brought in Jim Callis from Baseball America he has always been a favorite, he could become their Mel Kiper Jr.
  • I don't understand why the Pirates did what the did. Ok so Sanchez could be a good player but not the outstanding player that could have gotten. Rule one of drafting that high is never draft a guy with a questionable bat.
  • I know that there are issues with North Carolina pitcher Alex White, but how can the Braves take Vandy's Mike Minor. Watch the two of them and tell me who is the better pitcher.
  • When people thing about baseball in the SEC they think of Florida, Ole Miss, Georgia; but few programs have produced the number of the first round picks over the last couple of years that Vanderbilt has. Price, Alvarez, Weathers, and now Minor.
  • Over the last couple of years the Rockies have played it conservatively when it came to the draft but this year they did not by drafting left handed pitchers Tyler Matzek and Rex Brothers. Sure Matzek will take a ton of money to show, but in the end it could be the best pick of the draft.
  • The Detroit Tigers never shys away from players with signability issues. In 2006 it was Andrew Miller, in 2007 it was Rick Porecello and this year it was Missouri High School righthander Jacob Turner. Turner has the best arm of any of the high school righthanders.
  • According to Baseball American, the Texas Rangers have the number one farm system in baseball and during the draft might have added two of the best arms in Matthew Purke and Tanner Scheppers to an already stocked system. Its only a matter of the time before the Rangers return to the playoffs.
  • Keep an eye on South Carolina pitcher Sam Dyson, who was drafted by Oakland, and Clemson pitcher Christopher Dwyer, who was drafted by Kansas City. Have seen both on TV and both have a ton of talent and power arms. They could be two steals in this draft.
  • The best name drafted was when Atlanta drafted Riaan Spanjer-Furstenburg, a first baseman from Nova Southeastern, 478 overall and the Braves thought that Saltalamaccchia was tough to put on the back of a jersey.
  • Love the fact that Mike Trout was at the show, it would be great if MLB Network could get more of the players to the draft it would make it more fun and would add a nice touch.
  • Now that the 2009 draft is over its time to look ahead to the 2010 draft with a name: North Carolina pitcher Matt Harvey.

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