Friday, June 26, 2009

OTWT NHL Draft Notes

Another day, another draft, and another edition of the OTWT Scouting Department Notebook.

So here we go:

• There are a ton of Islander fans at the draft glad to see they made the trip to Montreal.
• Pronger to the Flyers, now all they need is a goaltender. The Flyers gave up a ton two first rounders and a young defenseman.
• Garth Snow had to pick Tavares. If not the fans would have burnt down the arena.
• Love the GM trying to speak French in honor of the draft being in Montreal. They sound like I did when I took French in middle school.
• Avs pick Matt Duchene gave everyone a lesson on the different sticks players use.
• Just saw a guy at the Ottawa Senators table playing on Twitter.
• Having Toronto GM Brian Burke wired for sound is awesome, so refreshing.
• Ottawa gets a steal in Jared Cowan, was great as a 17 year old in the Memorial Cup in 2007.
• All of the European draft picks have the classic slim ties. They are classic.
• The Preds selected my favorite player Windsors Ryan Ellis. Love him.
• Love the video of the high school players drafted, its like the old videos of european basketball players that are drafted in the NBA draft.

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