Thursday, June 25, 2009

NBA Draft Notes

Who doesn't love a good draft, here are some of the notes from the OTWT Scouting Department about the NBA Draft.

  • Beard and bow tie. Tell me James Harden is not old school and cool.
  • Draft fashion has always been a big deal and Hasheem Thabeet’s watch is bigger then his arm. Never draft a guys whose watch is bigger then their arm.
  • I think that Ricky Rubio could use a hair cut. From Spain to Minnesota talk about a climate change.
  • Wow Knick fans are nuts. Don Nelson screws the Knicks again by taking Curry have to love that, years after being run out of town he still can stick it to them.
  • Really missing Stephen A. Smith but it was good to see that he was active on twitter during the draft.
  • There was a players from Guadalupe and the Congo just picked in the first round, who said the NBA was not international.
  • I hope the Timberwolves are working a trade cause Rubio, Flynn and Lawson. That is three point guards for one ball. Reports suggest that Lawson is on his way to Denver for a future one.
  • Who said Hansbrough made the wrong choice in going back to North Carolina, he was still a lottery pick. For all of the people that were hating on him, look he is a lottery pick.
  • Ellington, Hansbrough, Lawson have it all. Nationals Championship rings and all three first round picks.
  • The ACC rules. ACC has at least 6 picks in the first round for the 3rd time in five years (6 in 2007, 7 in 2005). This year the conference has seven, three from the Heels.

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