Friday, May 08, 2009

Trade Ya

The National Football League is thinking about doing the unthinkable, playing the Super Bowl in a foreign country as early 2016.

It appears that talks have started between London and the league. So maybe there is something possible. This season the NFL is going to play regular season games in three different countries: United States, Canada, and England. In the past the league has also played a game in Mexico City, so there is an international market for the great American game.

The Super Bowl is the most watched game in football and to have it played in another country might upset some purist, I for one don't real care because I'm never going to be able to go to a Super Bowl, so who cares where it played.

But here is a suggestion, if London gets a Super Bowl then we should get their biggest event and I don't mean the FA Cup, give us the next Champions League final that is schedule for England. It would be the perfect trade. People on each side of the pond would go to see each event meaning a ton of money in tourism. So let's make this happen.

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