Monday, May 04, 2009

The Trap Door

Leeds, Charlton, Southampton, and Norwich have something in common. During the last decade all four of they have been in the greatest league in the world, the Barclays Premier League. Next year they might have something else in common, playing in League One, the third division of English football.

The lure of the Premier League is great but dropping out of the League can almost drive a team off a cliff. When teams go down they are saddled with large wage bills and have to do their best to trip them without the killing the product on the field and usually that is a dangerous balancing act.

Just take Charlton for example. A couple of years ago they were the model premier league team finishing safely out of the relegation zone, then something happened the fans at The Valley wanted more and that is when the slide started. First they parted ways with long time manager Alan Curbishley and then they tanked with the end of the season two years ago seeing them relegated to the Championship. Large wage bills and bad decisions saw them end this season relegated to League One.

At this rate Newcastle should watch out, going down could lead to the same slippery slope.

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