Friday, March 27, 2009

The Kop's Favorite Conservative.

For the last year or so, people around Washington D.C. have been making MSNBC's Morning Joe they show they turn to in the morning. Former Congressman Joe Scarborough and Mika have been filling the country in on what is going on in the nation's capital, but something has changed over the last couple of months.

Scarborough has started to show his true colors, that he is a red. I know what people are thinking, we know that he is a conservative, so that is really not that big a deal. But Joe is a true Red, as in a supporter of Liverpool. Go back a couple of weeks after Liverpool defeated Real Madrid and Manchester United, the former Congressman from Florida started talking to Geoff Cutmore about the European markets opening and then starts talking about how Liverpool might have had the best week in English soccer history, but that was only the start.

Just take a look at Joe's Twitter page and the updates that came through last week, when Liverpool cut United's lead to one point:
  • Talk soon. Go Liverpool.
  • Off to the village with Susan to see Liverpool take down Aston Villa and move within a point of Man U. Go Reds!!! from web
  • Liverpool takes on Aston Villa at noon, as the Reds continue their run against a sinking Man U club. Torres set to break LFC scoring record. from web
  • The dream lives! Man U is humbled by Fulham, while Chelsea's title hopes go up in flames at home against Tottenham. Go Reds!

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