Thursday, March 26, 2009

Champions League Predictions

I know the draw came out almost a week ago, but things have been busy around the OTWT home offices. Here are my predictions for the quarterfinals of the Champions League, which should be tasty. The ties will be played April 7/8 and the second legs will be played 14/15.
  • Villarreal - Arsenal: Arsenal, they seem to be moving forward and could be a team that shocks the world in Rome.
  • Manchester United - Porto: About five years ago this was the tie that introduced England to the Special One and changed English football forever, I think United will have an easy time with this one going through 3-0 on agg.
  • Liverpool - Chelsea: Here we go again, I have this feeling that this year the games will be very different then they have been. I go with Liverpool on Pens.
  • Barcelona - Bayern: The tie of the round, this has goals written all over it. I have this feeling that its going to be a United Barca final in Rome, so that would have to mean that Barca go through in an exciting tie.

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