Thursday, February 26, 2009

Its almost time to start shopping

While the Eagles made the NFC Championship game this year, people are still seeking improvements to the team and with the start of free agency on Friday fans of the eagles are all developing their wish list and I will be no different. The thing about developing a list is that its easy to just put all of the top ranked players on it, sure would I love to see Boldin wearing #81 in an Eagles, yes but lets be serious that is not going to happen. This list also assumes that Tra Thomas and B'Dawk will both be back with the birds.

So here is the Only Time Will Tell Eagles wish list
  1. T. J. Houshmandzadeh, WR, Cincy: Would be perfect fit for the Eagles offense. Could open the field up more Jackson.
  2. Reggie Williams, WR, Jacksonville: Another big receiver, has not been great with the Jags but has enough natural talent to warrant a look.
  3. Leonard Weaver, FB, Seattle: Besides receiver the positions that the Eagles have never addressed is full back. I know its not a sexy signing, but it fills a hole and just think what Route 36 could do with a good lead blocker.
  4. Maurice Morris, RB, Seattle: It seems like Buck is heading down the road and Morris would be the perfect one to give Route 36 a rest.
The wild card in this list is Julius Peppers. He has said there are only a couple of teams that he would like to play for is one of those teams the birds, I think that it might be. Remember a couple of years ago on the start of free agency the birds signed The Freak, could this be a similar situation, where the Eagles are doing all of their work behind the curtain. I really don't know, but you never know with this group.

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