Monday, February 23, 2009

Is he worth it?

For the last eight months Miami fans have thought that their offense next season would feature uber recruit Bryce Brown, but that appears to all changing over the last couple of weeks. First Brown decides not to sign with the 'Canes on National Signing Day, fine some people don't like signing on NSD, but then the fun starts.

First his advisor, Brian Butler, says that Brown is going to visit a ton of schools and Miami remained quiet at that time, but now it appears that the Brown's are getting mad that Canes are not showing him the proper the love.

I know that our struggling offense could use a jump start and Brown would be the perfect person to that, but at what cost. Is Brown going to continue to drag this out so no one knows what their offense is going to look like next season. Today, the Browns said that they are not going to visit Miami instead head to LSU.

This situation has gotten so out of control that most Canes fans could really care less what happens to the supremely talented running back. Remember what they say if you play with fire you could get burn and if Oregon, LSU, and Tennessee are going to continue to recruit him, they might not like how the story ends.

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