Monday, January 19, 2009

A bust, I don't think so

Thirty Million Pounds sounds like a lot to spend on a striker that is not scoring a ton of goals. But that is not the case with the Dimitar Berbatov. At the end of the summer window The Bebra made the move from Spurs to United and it has been seen with mix results, not a ton of goals but a ton of impact.

People talk about The Bebra being a bust so far but his impact should not be judged just goals alone. So he might not look the most passionate out there but he does have a great touch that seems to release a forward running attacker. The flicks and the tricks are a treat to watch, he makes the game seem so easy and effortless. He showed this in his performance against Bolton, sure he came in and out of the game, but in the end he headed home a Carlos Tevez cross to return United to near the top of the league. More goals will come and when they do they will be coming by the bucket.

With the injuries and the games coming hot and heavy the Berba will be a key factor for the rest of the season.

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