Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jump on the Merry Go Round

Wow, that is the one word to describe the coaching merry go round this year. From the mess at Auburn to coaches that no one has heard of getting jobs.

Let's start with mess at Auburn. Did race probably play role in the choice not to hire Buffalo's Turner Gill, maybe. But Auburn has always been a difficult job. Tubs did a great job but a falling out with key boosters and a bad season will lead you to be shown the door. People want to kill Gene Chizick, but just remember he was the D-coordinator when the Tigers went undefeated a couple of years ago. So its not like he is unfamiliar with the situation on the plains. To make the Auburn situation even crazier Iowa State goes and hires Paul Rhoads, the recently fired D-coordinator at Auburn under Tubs.

Wow is there something that binds the schools in Ames and on the great plains of Alabama. Auburn is a job but you have to have the perfect mix of wins and political skills, if not you will be treated like Tubs.

I have already made my view of Tennessee's hire of Lane Kiffin known, one name Bill Callahan.

Then there is Bowling Green, Urban Myers old gig, they fire their head coach and then turn to Dave Clawson. Yes the same Clawson, who turned the Tennessee offense into one of the worst in America. Kill the offense get a job that is a great idea if you are an administration.

The one hire that might interest me the must is Dan Mullen at MSU. I'ts a hire that will get both recruits and the fan bases fired up. Mullen has been Tim Teabow's pal at Florida and with a little help should make the Bulldogs offense fun to watch. Mullen has the energy that is needed to make MSU a bowl team.

And just think there are a few other jobs out there that might get filled, so that should be fun.

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