Friday, December 26, 2008

Could things be turning for the Aztecs

For the first time in a while, San Diego State appears to be taking college football seriously. I know what people are thinking, San Diego State, why the hell is are you writing about that. Over the last couple of weeks the Aztec Nation has been getting really excited.

First the administration goes and hire Ball State head coach Brady Hoke (right) to lead the football program. Last year Hoke was talked about as the possible head coach at Michigan. Sure the school paid a lot for Hoke, but it shows the commitment that the school is making to improve its terrible football program. Hey if you can win at Ball State, San Diego State might seem like a breeze.

The second reason why things at SDSU are looking up is because Hoke then went and hired Al Borges as the his offensive coordinator. Borges, who took last season off, last was the offensive coordinator at Auburn in 2007. Borges joined the Auburn staff in 2004. Auburn was 33-5 in the three seasons Borges was the offensive coordinator. Borges was one of the guiding lights behind Jason Campbell's development as a quarterback on the plains. He was was the leader of the 2004 Auburn offense that featured running backs Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams. Borges is from the Bill Walsh School of Offense and likes to run a balanced offense.

So with a commitment from the administration the Aztec football might start to turn the corner of the next couple of years.

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