Saturday, September 13, 2008

Professional Tailgating: Is this 2002?

So this year has not started in the best way, but I guess that means that we will have to pick up the tailgating a little more. Here are some of the sites of the tailgating from Rutgers vs. North Carolina game Thursday night.

Little did we all know that more storm clouds would be around after the game

Endy in the Outfield always takes times out from the drinking to educate himself.

Nothing beats a game of Redneck golf

Tailgaters row at the Rac, its like a small neighborhood
Quincy Carter's Coke Habit practices his short game

It's not the Grove at Ole Miss but rather a parking lot in Central New Jersey

This student shows off his pride for country and his team, by the end of the night their was no pride left in the building.

For more photos of the fun go here and for additional videos go here.

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