Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Play the Kids

During the last couple of years the England U-21 has been a great sense of pride for the FA. The team has shown the grit and pride that has not been seen on the senior team in sometime.

At the last European U-21 Championship England went out in the semifinals to the Dutch in a shootout for the ages. After the game all of the players were in tears, unlike their senior team counter parts. When the senior team loss to Croatia none of the players shed a tear.

This is one of the major difference between the teams. The little Three Lions of Noble, Agbonlahor, and Hart play with a passion for the shirt, its something that has been lacking on the senior team for sometime.

Maybe its for Don Fabio to give Noble and Gabbie a shot at the senior team. Maybe they are not as skilled but they sure would play with a passion that has been lacking for sometime on the senior team.

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