Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Three of a kind?

Usually I leave the Phillies talk to my friends at Sox and Phillies, but something is going on in Philly that needs to be addressed.

Could we be seeing three of a kind in Major League Baseball.

For the last two years, Phillies have walked away with the NL MVP, Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins, and this year that could be no different as Chase Utley has been carrying the Phillies offense.

With Howard doing his best Rob Deer impression and Rollins struggling with a bad ankle, Utley has been the one contestant in offense.

So far this season Utley has a .320 average with 21 home runs, 52 RBIs. The thing about Utley is that he never complains about anything and always goes out there and gets the job done. Utley does not have the flashy home runs that Howard has or the flashy words that Rollins, but some would say he is a leader by example and come October he might be getting an award similar to Rollins and Howard.

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