Saturday, May 10, 2008

Getting Old is Never Easy

You know you are getting old when you start to see children of players that you watched play get drafted and during this year's Major League Baseball Draft that is going to be so true. Among the prospects that are catching the eye of cross checking scouts all over the country include the son of a former All Star Game starter and the son of a player that was once called "Nails''.
  • Jack Armstrong, P, Jupiter High School: The son of the former Reds pitcher is a favorite of scouting staffs for his outstanding fastball and pitching make up.
  • Cutter Dykstra, SS, Westlake (pictured above): Plays the game just like his father does. Toughness and speed makes everyone think of his dad.
  • Ike Davis, IF, Arizona State: The son of former Yankees relief pitcher Ron Davis combines with Brett Walllace to the give the Sun Devils one of the most feared duos in the country.
  • Kyle Long, 1B, St. Anne's Belfield High School: Howie's other son is one of the top players in the state of Virginia. Know in his home state for his tape measure home runs.
  • Casey Kelly, SS, Sarasota High School: The son of former major leaguer Pat, has got baseball scouts wondering. Kelly has signed with Tennessee to play quarterback. So any team that draft him will have to buy out his commitment.
So come mid-June, I will again start to feel old, when I see those named called during the draft.

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