Thursday, May 08, 2008

From One Thankless Job to Another

For the last two years, Pedro Gomez of ESPN had the worst job in the world: reporting Barry Bonds every move. Gomez reported everything Bonds did from going to visit the can to what he had for breakfast to what flavor of Power Aid he was drinking. As baseball season ended and it began to be clear that Bonds career may be coming to end, ESPN had to do something with Gomez.

While flipping around I found the DC United and Chicago Fire game on ESPN2 and a voice on the telecast sounded familiar, it was no other then Pedro Gomez. Gomez does sideline reporting for the network for the MLS.

In the past year, Gomez has really had a hard time, from dealing with Bonds to now dealing with the MLS. By the end of the year, Gomez will wish that he was still flowing Bonds around.

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