Sunday, April 13, 2008

FSC should look to Russia

With the English and the Italian seasons coming to close, FSC is going to be light on program over the next couple of months, but that does not really have to happen. In order to keep program fresh FSC should look to one of the ever growing leagues in the world, no not MLS, but the Russian Premier League.

I know what people are thing, what the Russian Premier League. Just think about it, because of the weather situation in Russia the season runs from March to November, which would cover the problem areas in FSC schedules, hey who wants to see reruns of a Crew vs. Rapids game. Another thing that might make it attractive to FSC is that the contract might come on the cheap, which is a good thing for the network.

Over the last couple of years, the Russian League has show how good it is. This year Zenit St. Petersburgh has made a great run to the UEFA Cup semi-finals. The Russian League has even had a UEFA Cup winner in CSKA Moscow in 2005. The growth is going to continue with more and more rich Russians investing money in the league, just think little bitty Romans running around.

Besides the money and the schedule, the league features quality players like Vanger Love and Jo. It might be nice to see a different kind of football on TV, so come FSC go out and try to get this contract.

Map courtesy of Bills Sports Map.

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bill said...

Thank you for showing one of my maps, and linking to my site. I agree with you about the Russian Premier League. I find it fascinating to follow. Oil money has raised the caliber of play, and it's so cool that a league spans more than a dozen time zones. My club is the plucky Spartak nalchik, of the tiny Caucases Mtn. republic of Kabardino-Balkaria.