Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Move over Erin Andrews

For years American sports fans have been lusting over every ones favorite former Florida Gator Cheerleader Erin Andrew (video below).

But, over the last couple of years, the Only Time Will Tell crew has been watching a lot of Sky Sports News and noticed something, could Sky Sports have the hottest collection of the girls on television.

Sky Sports features Millie Clode (featured below) and Georgie Thompson. While ESPN features the likes of Andrews, Linda Cohen and Dana Jacobson.

Aside from Andrews, the rest of the ESPN would probably look better cooking dinner, rather then being on TV. Cohen, Jacobson and for that matter Doris Burke can not even hold a candle to CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson, and that is not saying anything. If that does not want you to watch more English sports television, nothing ever will. I am asking ESPN to throw all kinds at money at Thompson and Clode for them to come over.

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