Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's Big, Blue, and Ugly

Sure the NCAA Tournament has been great this year with the introduction to the world of such players as Stephen Curry and Courtney Lee, but something is missing.

In the past, sites that hosted the tournaments, would just keep their logos on the floor, but now the NCAA has decided to put these huge blue NCAA logo at the center court. That decision has taken some of the joy away from watching the tournament. During the tournament one of the best things to see was all of the different center court logos around.

From UCLAs Tyus Edney crossing over the Boise State logo on his way to beating Missouri to the Boston College players celebrating on the William and Mary logo after being top seeded North Carolina in the second round. It's was always great to see the other logos on the floor, it something that made the tournament fun.

Please return the logos that is all I'm asking.

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