Friday, February 01, 2008

There is something in the water at Mater Dei

Every time you turn around a certain high school in California is producing a quarterback that will excel in college and this year will be no different at Mater Dei. Approximately eight years ago, Mater Dei has led by Matt Leinart, who later was a top ten pick in the NFL and won a Heisman Trophy at USC. During his time there Leinart was backed up by Hawaii gunslinger Colt Brennan.

Over the course of the last couple of years, the school has been grooming their next great signal caller, junior Matt Barkley. Very few high school freshman step in at a top ranked program like Mater Dei as a quarterback, but that is exactly what he did. Barkley is the number one ranked junior in the land by Just like Leinart, Barkley will be playing for Pete Carroll and USC.

Mater Dei has been one of the best football programs in the country for some. Mater Dei is one of two high schools in the nation with two Heisman-trophy winning alumni. Who knows in a couple of years there might be another star quarterback getting ready to lead Mater Dei.

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