Friday, February 01, 2008

Another Super Strike from Ronaldo

EPL Manchester United v Portsmouth Ronaldo - Freekick

Cristiano Ronaldo's freekick against Porstmouth in the English Premier League, might be one of the best ever.


Andrew Vorce said...

While, yes, it was an amazing free kick, I do not agree it was 'the best ever'. I know you said 'one of the best' but I've heard people say it. I am a die hard United fan, but I'm not ignorant. Le Tissiers goal in '94 against Wimbledon comes to mind, also Roberto Carlos' outside of the boot screamer is also amazing. Both are Youtube-able.

Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump said...

The Roberto Carlos one against France is unreal. I'm a die hard United fan, and the thing with Ronaldo is half the time he the middle of the wall, but over the last couple of weeks his free kicks have gotten a lot better.