Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Camp Fabio

The FA hired a drill sergeant, when they hired Fabio Capello and that is starting to show. During his first England Camp, the former Juve and Real Madrid manager has started to lay down the law. First he did not pick David Beckham for his 100th cap and now he has all kinds of rules that the players have to follow.
  • No more being late.
  • Room Service is banned.
  • Cell phones can only be used in the bedroom.
  • Players must eat together and be dressed in professional attire.
  • Players must wear their England blazers to the game.
  • All players will be called by surnames.
  • No Wags or agents. Wow no Wags what is Ashley Cole going to do.

Compared to Sven and Second Choice Steve this is going to be like going to jail for the likes of Fat Frank, Rio, Rooney, and Owen.

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