Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where will Jose go?

If things continue to head down hill on the red half of Liverpool, the Special One could have to make a decision. Rafa the Gaffer is currently having some issues with his owners and one of the names keeps coming up to replace him is the former Chelski boss.

The Special One has also been linked with the England job, following the disaster that was second choice Steve.

People have said the best way to make a decision is to break down the positives and negatives of both place and that is what we are going to do.

Location: England: London Soho Square
Liverpool: The north of England
Advantage: London, that was easy. At least you can understand the people in London, there is no way you can understand a scousers.

Bosses: England: The Football Association
Liverpool: Gillett and Hicks.
Advantage: Liverpool: This one is easy, Hicks once gave A-Rod $250 million, so paying 20 million pounds for a world class wing player would not be an issue.

Home Field: England: Wembley Stadium
Liverpool: Anfield
Advantage: Liverpool: At least Anfield does not have football markings on it during big games.

Fan Expectation: England: win the World Cup or European Championships every year.
Liverpool: win the Champions League, FA Cup, Barclays Premier League every year.
Advantage: its a push, both sets of fans have lost the plot and think that they are better then they are.

When you break things down it says Liverpool. But the real choice is easy, the Special One should take the England job at least you know that scousers will not rob your home when you are work.

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